Fraud Alert

Looking for a Groom from Overseas?

Do not take decision in haste, take certain precautions


  • Only a registered marriage will entitled you for spouse visa to a foreign country.
  • Keep a photocopy of husband's / groom's personal details including passport, visa, property details, license number and social security number.
  • Know your husband's / groom's citizenship status.
  • Know about the laws of the counrty you are going to live in after marriage and the rights you will enjoy there, specially against any form of abuse or neglect, including domestic violence.
  • Inform people you trust if you face domestic violence in any form- physical, emotional, financial and sexual.
  • Know about the important helpline numbers like contact information of Indian Embassies abroad and foreign Embassies in India.


  • Do not finalize marriage matters without meeting the groom and his family members in person.
  • Don not forge/fabricate papers for legal document for going abroad.
  • Do not agree for marriage to be registered in the foreign country.
  • Do not blindly trust any marriage bureau or middleman.

  • What if your husband had obtained ex-parte divorce decree from foreign courts on unreasonable and fraudulent ground?
    Don't worry you can challenge the foreign decree of divorce, especially the one passed ex-parte in indian courts.
  • What if your husband filed divorce proceedings and child custody case in foreign court and you want the contest the same?
    Approach Indian Embassy in foreign country for assistance under the Scheme of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs provided to Indian women deserted by their overseas Indian PIO/foreigner husbands for contesting such cases.